Discover empathy, journey maps and uncover user insights.

Service design (or experience design) is all about learning about people, and building solutions, services or products that they desire.

  • Building prototypes
    If you want to create a product or service that meets your customer needs, build and test raw prototypes first.
  • Define the problem
    Before you can create a project plan or start building prototypes, you need to make sure you're solving the right problem.
  • Uncovering empathy
    The best way to understand your customers needs, desires, fears and opinions is to directly speak with them and spend a day walking in their shoes.
  • Customer journey maps
    Journey maps can help you gain empathy and identify opportunities to improve the experience.
  • Speak with customers
    To really understand your customers, you need to immerse yourself in their world, and understand their needs, wants and desires.
  • Interview research
    One of the best methods of research is to conduct an interview because it helps you to get information directly from the person - not relying on electronic surveys or forms.
  • Workshop facilitation
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