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Curated graphics, image organizer, and AI tools in a single app

100,000 humans that don’t exist

Top 6 Ideation and Visual Collaboration Software for Customer Experience Professionals in 2022

By using an online collaboration tool, your teams can ideate and design better experiences and solutions for your customers and business.

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Building image search for an icon stock: how it works

Choosing the best Design and Prototyping solution for Marketing Agencies

Build rough prototypes that are not perfect and do not look nice so your customers can give you feedback on how the solution meets their needs, before you invest too much on a finished product.

The best Icons for Websites and Visual Assets for Marketing Agencies and Graphic Designers

If you're a Marketing Agency or Graphic Designer, you're probably always on the hunt for icons and graphics for merchandise, websites, presentations or flyers.

UX stories: turning limitations into features

How to create QR codes that people would want to scan

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