There’s no easy way to understand your customer experience, but journey maps can help you gain empathy and identify opportunities to improve the experience.

What are journey maps?

Customer Journey Maps are visual representations of a customer’s experience.

By mapping the customer journey, you can uncover insights and pain-points, which makes it easier to prioritise improvements.

What you need

An effective customer journey map includes:

  • Stages – the level of engagement with your brand
  • Touchpoints – when a customer interacts with your brand
  • Stories – what they experience at each touchpoint
  • Emotions – how they feel throughout the journey
  • Activities – how they interact with your brand

How to

Before you start:

  1. First interview your customers and observe their behaviours
  2. Determine the customer journey stages for your business
  3. Understand your customer persona, their goals and desires

Then, plot your journey:

  1. Create a new customer journey with our Plot Journeys tool
  2. Add stories, interactions and emotional pathways
  3. Ask your customer to review your journey, to check you got it right

Plot now

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