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Find out all the pros and cons of Hamburger Menus. Do you really need them? What's the best approach?

Hamburger menus are easily recognisable buttons which toggle a menu. They’re called hamburger menus, because they look like hamburgers!

Hamburger Menu

Should you use them?

Generally speaking, you should make your menu items clearly visible, without needing to open a menu. It’s all about making it easy for users.

ScenarioUse hamburger menu
Less than 5 linksNo
More than 5 linksYes
Mobile devicesYes

Be mindful, if you place your links inside a hamburger menu, it generally communicates to users that those links are less important.

If you have less than five items, avoid using hamburger menus.


Also, having less than five items in a hamburger menu is redundant.
You just made it harder to find those links, which could be displayed prominently.

There’s no point hiding a short list of items in a menu. It just makes it harder for users.





Hamburger menus are really good at cleaning up your page, especially when you have a lot of links, or for mobile devices where space is precious.

When there’s a lot of links, consolidate them into a hamburger menu.




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Be careful, users are less likely to click on hamburger menus if they are placed in areas of mobile devices that are harder to reach.

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