User Interface Design

Learn about User Interface elements such as input controls, navigational and informational components, and containers.

  • Breadcrumb navigation
    Breadcrumbs are secondary navigation, to indicate where the user is, and how to go back.
  • Checkbox selection
    Checkboxes are used to let a user select one or more options of a limited number of choices.
  • Hamburger menu
    Find out all the pros and cons of Hamburger Menus. Do you really need them? What's the best approach?
  • Input fields
    Find out about best practices when capturing user text input or forms, and providing the right visual indicators when an error occurs.
  • Loading indicators
    Show an activity spinner or a progress bar so users know something is loading and can gauge how long it will take to load.
  • Toggle switch
    A toggle switch is a visual alternative to a checkbox to control either an on or off state, perfect for managing settings.
  • Toggle Switch Usability
  • Toggle Switch Accessibility
    Toggle switches are a common form of user interface control, but they can be difficult for people with disabilities to use.
  • Toggle Switch Interaction Design
    Toggle switches are a popular form of interaction design, allowing users to quickly and easily switch between two states.
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