Visual design

Different colours affect feelings, so it's important to choose the right colour for buttons to increase engagement and optimise conversion.

Different colours affect feeling and choice online.

Choosing the right colours for your Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons can help you increase engagement and optimise conversion.

The emotional impact of colour

Generally, different user segments will connect more deeply with certain colours in different situations. Knowing this, you can carefully influence prospective customers to signup and buy.

Builds trust and sense of security, usually associated with financial institutions and businesses.
Wealth and prosperity, often associated with “Buy Now” buttons. Easiest colour for the eye to process.
Energetic and sense of urgency, increases the heart rate, usually associated with clearance sales.
Optimistic and youthful (Snapchat) and the first colour eyes see so great for attracting attention and urgency.
Aggressive and demanding, perfect for “Subscribe” actions.
Romantic and feminine, found often alongside products targeting women and young girls.
Soothing and calming, often associated with beauty and anti-aging products.
Powerful and sleek, used to market luxury products.
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