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Visual communication software that helps people make professional-looking content quickly.

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Who is OmniGraffle for?

  • Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Engineers
  • Marketers
  • Project Managers

Why you should get it now

  • OmniGraffle is Rated 4.5/5 Stars on the App Store
  • OmniGraffle is the Most Powerful Diagramming App for Mac and iOS
  • Over 1 Million People Use OmniGraffle to Create Professional Diagrams and Graphics

What are the benefits of OmniGraffle?

  • Cross-Platform
  • Easy to Use
  • Intuitive Design
  • Powerful Features

Things to consider

  • Limited Templates
  • Mac Only
  • Pricey
  • Steep Learning Curve
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OmniGraffle: A Powerful Diagramming Tool

OmniGraffle is a powerful diagramming tool from The Omni Group. It is designed to help users create professional-looking diagrams, flowcharts, and other visuals quickly and easily. It is suitable for a wide range of users, from students and teachers to business professionals and software developers. OmniGraffle offers a range of features and benefits, including a wide selection of templates, powerful drawing tools, and the ability to export diagrams in multiple formats. It is also highly customizable, allowing users to tailor their diagrams to their specific needs. Compared to its competitors, OmniGraffle stands out for its intuitive user interface, comprehensive feature set, and excellent customer support.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Wide selection of templates
  • Powerful drawing tools
  • Ability to export diagrams in multiple formats
  • Highly customizable
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Comprehensive feature set
  • Excellent customer support



Help & Support

What is OmniGraffle?
OmniGraffle is a powerful diagramming and design application for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. It helps you make beautiful diagrams, family trees, flow charts, org charts, layouts, and more.
What platforms does OmniGraffle support?
OmniGraffle is available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.
What file formats does OmniGraffle support?
OmniGraffle supports the following file formats: OmniGraffle (.graffle), PDF, SVG, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and Visio (.vsd).
Does OmniGraffle have a trial version?
Yes, OmniGraffle has a 14-day free trial for Mac and iPad.
Does OmniGraffle have a student discount?
Yes, OmniGraffle offers a 50% discount for students and teachers.
Does OmniGraffle have a subscription option?
Yes, OmniGraffle offers a subscription option for Mac and iPad.
Does OmniGraffle have a version for Windows?
No, OmniGraffle is only available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.
Does OmniGraffle have a mobile app?
Yes, OmniGraffle has a mobile app for iPad and iPhone.


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