Software Development


Balsamiq is the company behind Balsamiq Wireframes, the industry standard low-fidelity wireframing tool.

Test IO

Test IO delivers a full range of web, mobile, and IoT testing, delivered as a service.


Testbirds is a global leader in software testing, offering a comprehensive suite of services to ensure the quality of digital products. We help companies deliver better software faster, with fewer bugs and improved user experience.


Visual communication software that helps people make professional-looking content quickly.


Jira is a project management tool used by teams to plan, track, and release software. It helps teams stay organized, collaborate, and deliver projects on time. It's used by over 75,000 teams worldwide.


Clubhouse is a project management tool that helps teams collaborate and stay organized. It offers features like task tracking, real-time updates, and team conversations, all in one place. It's designed to help teams stay on top of their projects and get work done faster.


Productize is a platform that helps freelancers and agencies turn their services into products. It provides tools to create, market, and manage products, as well as a marketplace to showcase them. It's the perfect solution for entrepreneurs looking to scale their business.
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