AI-generated content as a tool to create art

Curated graphics, image organizer, and AI tools in a single app

100,000 humans that don’t exist

Building image search for an icon stock: how it works

Choosing the best Design and Prototyping solution for Marketing Agencies

Build rough prototypes that are not perfect and do not look nice so your customers can give you feedback on how the solution meets their needs, before you invest too much on a finished product.

UX stories: turning limitations into features

How to create QR codes that people would want to scan

How to make a good Behance case

How to design a mobile app in Lunacy

What was the internet of the early 2000s

How to develop an eye for good design on autopilot

Product design and information security

Updated Smart Upscaler: next step in face enhancement


Alarm vs Timer UX pain-point I want fixed when Apple announces iOS 14

Here’s my number one UX irritant which I’d love to see improved in the when Apple releases iOS 14.

How Spotify could increase their paying user base by 800%

Spotify probably has one of the worst onboarding experiences. It's clear their objective is collecting information about you, for the ultimate goal of profit.
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