Choosing the best Design and Prototyping solution for Marketing Agencies

If you’re a Marketing Agency, you’ll find yourself always building prototypes of websites, apps or landing pages for your clients.

When you start to design your solution, you want to make sure it meets the needs of your customers.

However, you don’t want to spend too much time building a solution, especially if you aren’t sure it’s actually what your customers want.

If you really want to create a product or service that meets your customer needs, you need to build prototypes. Unfinished and ugly prototypes.

A prototype is not your actual product, it shouldn’t look like a final product, and it shouldn’t be your Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Build rough prototypes that are not perfect and do not look nice so your customers can give you feedback on how the solution meets their needs, before you invest too much on a finished product.

Moqups is an excellent tool to help you build wireframes, mockups, diagrams, charts, and prototypes within one creative context.

Some other great prototyping and design tools include:

Why prototyping is important

If you make your prototype look perfect, when you ask your customers for feedback they will inadvertently give criticism about the design and aesthetics which is what you don’t want.

If you’re a Startup, you’ll find yourself constantly prototyping and testing new solutions and designs.

If you’re building a digital prototype, it can be time consuming piecing together the designs, and testing with end users.

The winner for prototyping — Moqups

Moqups are a great all-in-one online design platform that’s smart, simple and fast.

Visualize Your Concept

Envision, test and validate your ideas with quick wireframes and detailed mockups.

Explore and iterate as your team builds momentum – moving seamlessly from lo-fi to hi-fi as your project evolves.

Shape Your Ideas

Capture concepts and give direction to your projects with our professional diagramming tools.

Create site-maps, flowcharts, storyboards – and jump effortlessly between diagrams and designs to keep your work in sync.

Present Your Project

Create a functional prototype by adding interactivity to your designs.

Simulate the user experience, uncover hidden requirements, find dead ends, and get final sign-off from all stakeholders before investing in development.

Communicate In Realtime

Keep everybody on the same page, providing feedback at every stage of the design process.

Hear all voices, consider all options – and establish consensus – by editing in realtime and commenting directly on the designs.

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