How Spotify could increase their paying user base by 800%

Spotify probably has one of the worst onboarding experiences.

It’s clear their objective is collecting information about you, for the ultimate goal of profit, but they also do it so badly. It’s so transactional.

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The good

The problems

It took eight steps just to get to the page where I could see the pricing tiers.

“Please go to Spotify’s official website to learn more.”

This important information is written in very teeny tiny small type.

There’s no link to make this easy – do I have to authenticate all over again?

Fixing it

It’s all about my expectation. I was expecting it to be simple and easy.

So, let’s make it easy.

  1. Put name and email on the first page – it’s all about who I am.

Then afterwards:

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Making profit

Profit all comes down to experience. If we remove 8 steps from the journey, then there’s 8 chances less that I’ll give up. That’s 800% more chances of me signing up, and which is a whole lot more opportunity for me to buy.

Time = Experience = Money

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